About Open Window Living Solutions

Open Window Living Solutions is a business dedicated to providing products that enhance the well being of caring consumers.

When we first started our business in 2011, the idea was always having the ultimate goal of giving back to nature. It has been a fantastic adventure thus far; and the journey has just begun! "Open Window" was the first concept for the company name. An Open Window signifies an open mind which allows for growth and opportunity. The words "Living Solutions" were added to signify that same growth and opportunity to apply to our everyday lives in providing products; keeping true to the original concept of enhancing the overall being of caring consumers.

OWLS and Spotted Owls:

We have always had a dear affection for owls - strong, smart and mysterious creatures, and the name OWLS just made sense, as a shortened name (acronym) for our company. One evening shortly after coming up with the acronym OWLS, a show came on television describing the Spotted Owl, and we were immediately taken with this beautiful creature. However, with the current ecological habitat challenges - the Spotted Owl needs our help. Please take a moment to click on the link below.