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Open Window Living Solutions is a business dedicated to providing products that enhance the well being of caring consumers.

Our products are selected based upon items we feel will make a difference in our life, in your life and in the lives of people that surround us! Our focus is natural - but not limited to natural. 100% natural olive oil soap was the first inspiration to our product line. Nablus 100% natural olive oil soap came to us... well... naturally! We loved the soap so much - we decided to start a business around the soap! How dedicated is that!

Dead Sea Mud soap, Mint soap, Pomegranate soap, Lavender soap and Tea Tree Oil soap round out what we feel is the "best of the best" natural olive oil soap brought to Canada from the Nablus Soap Company in Palestine.

Check out our natural soap product listings today and look for more great products to come!

Thank you for your support! Your business means a lot to us!